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Indonesia Challenged Musicians Competition Join the Anti-Corruption on Youtube

Corruption is a serious disease that try to be eradicated in Indonesia. Currently, Indonesia is also challenged musicians to participate in the Fair Play competition Anti-Corruption Youth Voices and upload their work on Youtube.

"We hope to see the work of Indonesia this year. I heard that in Indonesia there are many good musicians who are also anti-corruption activist," said Kate Declerck, Jeunesses Musicales International Program Officer.

Fair Play Anti-Corruption Youth Voices is a global competition for original songs from bands of young people (18-35 years) with an anti-corruption theme. The competition is organized by the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network, JMI and the World Bank Institute.

According to Declerck, the impact of corruption on society may not appear right in the figures or statements alone. To understand how corruption really affect the lives of many, we must listen to their voices.

Starting January 10, 2011, bands worldwide are invited to upload (upload) anti-corruption music videos to YouTube and register them to a web site competition, Deadline is March 20, 2011.

Three bands winner will win a trip to Nairobi, Kenya, to participate in the Global Youth Anti-Corruption Forum and gig both in April 2011. Bands who get the most votes for their video will also receive prizes studio practice session for U.S. $ 2,000. Session
This will be done in the city where the band originated, and is a separate gift from the event in Nairobi. Studio session Band winner will be chosen directly by the public - there will be an online voting system in the Fair Play website.

Fair Play jury will select three bands to perform in Nairobi. Their selection will not be affected by the number of online votes - so the total may be four winners.

Last year's winner is Mafilika, a reggae-rock band from Malawi, I-Voice, hip-hop duo from Palestine, and Katya Emmanuel, the band collaboration of Congo and Kenya.

Fair Play is a program to improve awareness and business development of global networking for artists and citizens who care. Fair Play encourages young people's role in combating and preventing corruption.

Global Youth Anti-Corruption Network is a global network of youth organizations working on anti-corruption issues. This network aims to build global youth networks that maintain and maintained by initiatives at the country level that promotes transparency and accountability. Networking is also creating a friendly environment for young people to cope with corruption, where they alone will determine its priorities.

This program will bring together young people aged 18-35 years old who are active in anti-corruption efforts, a young journalist and young musicians to raise awareness among youth about the impact of corruption on development in their countries, and creating a network of youth in his country
to promote a real step in transparency and accountability.

Promotion of this competition can be seen on Youtube.

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