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Justin Bieber More Influential than Barack Obama

Teen singer Justin Bieber was more influential than the United States President Barack Obama. The assessment is based on research from the observer of social media sites, Klout in the online world.

Klout observing traffic on the internet like the status updates and other social activities in the media like Facebook, Twitter and Google. They gave a score of 100, depending on how often the words of leaders such as Obama repeated by Bieber and others online.

Bieber has a maximum score of 100, with the tweet itself, each of which has been retweet the average of five million times. Barack Obama received a score of 88, with 250 thousand retweet.

To the Guardian, the founder Klout, Jose Fernandez said that the calculation Klout is the opposite of advertising. "If you say you like something, how many people and who is affected? We live in an attention economy. We have too much information coming at us. Who do we believe, what we click a link that will?" he said.

Meanwhile, Liam Gallagher has a score of 74 and a score of Lady Gaga 89. Klout has been labeled by experts as one of the web technology that must be seen in 2011. Recently they were hired by Disney to do research on his behalf.

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