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500 Thousand People Donate Simple 144 Billion Rupiah's

In order to continue to operate Simple often raise money from its users. By the end of 2010 yesterday, there were 500 thousand users who urunan contributed, with a total of U.S. $ 16 million or around Rp 144 billion.

Wikipedia is one of the non-profit site which provides various types of information that was donated directly by its users. Therefore, sites that started online since 2001 is not to dredge the revenue from advertising revenues, but through donations of the visitors.

Total users who are willing to donate to Wikipedia in 2010 reached 500 thousand people, a sharp increase compared with 2009, which only reached 230 thousand users.

"Fundraising can continue the project Simple that is, engage people who want to share what they have and create something amazing, "said Jimmy Wales, co-founder Simple through blogs, as quoted from CbNews.

Description: The previously mentioned that the number of people who contributed to donate reached 500 million, but that should be is 500 thousand. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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