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Victory to Barcelona, Barcelona vs Real Madrid 5 - 0

José Mourinho has always said it would lose one day but he did not expect to lose like this - not after enjoying the biggest start of every coach in the history of Real Madrid. His team, so that the watertight before, which is punctured. Five times. They drowned. A 5-0 victory for Barcelona coach described by Madrid as "historically bad outcome" for his club - it is who has suffered the worst defeat of his career.

The final whistle arrived amid cheers and topical, plus a derision to Sergio Ramos, was sent to the death for the sickle in Leo Messi wild. At last Mourinho could move from the bench where he sat helpless. Round chants will be inspired by the famous Mourinho's allegations that Massey had been play-acting in clashes Chelsea-Barcelona Champions League: "! Mourinho, go to the theater" He probably wished he was. By his own admission, he felt "impotent".

There is little comfort in the fact that this team Barcelona is truly special. Pep Guardiola's side a arrogantly, their control is amazing. Speaking of really special, if this is the game that decides the best player in the world, there is only one answer. Messi failed to score a goal for the first time in 10 games but his performance - like that Andrés Iniesta, Sergio Busquets and Xavi Hernandez - are sublime. There was a slight lead brilliant, fantasy or less but there is an amazing confidence and precision in the past perfect. This is Messi, who control the game and then decide it.

For Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, the most glittering star in a game featuring 11 world champions, there is this sense of a definitive test. Ronaldo has never scored against Barcelona, Messi not get the goals against Mourinho. The last two winners of the Ballon d'Or, they have scored against other people. Ronaldo reached 50 goals for Madrid faster than anyone in club history, Messi has struck 70 in 71 games.

But it was Xavi, the ideologues behind the success of Spain's World Cup, which opened the scoring after nine minutes. Messi, who spent the match by dropping the 'fake No. 9' role to the midfield, content to play through a simple and keep the ball moving, combined with Xavi. The Argentine then swept the ball to Iniesta. His pass into the box found Xavi walk though and as the ball bounced off chance of heel, elbow Xavi volleyed past Iker Casillas. It is a perfect demonstration of Barcelona's football. Short passing, smart, a man always supportive. Even the goalkeeper Victor Valdés refused to hit the punts without a goal.

Barcelona do things that would be risky for any other side, playing out of tight corners. Soon, the Camp Nou topical roared as their team swept the ball about.

When looked like Barcelona are playing for their own interests, Xavi poked beautiful diagonal ball to the left. David Villa is collected and sent a cross that Casillas could only just reach. As the ball squirmed free, front Marcelo Pedro get pushed over the line and make it 2-0. Almost immediately, it was almost three when Iniesta found Villa luxurious help clean through but he was fractionally offside.

Madrid has a little ball but when they recovered their property fast break and with intent to kill. Ronaldo saw shot flash wide, swim free-kick past the post and just before half time he asked for a penalty. The referee, Iturralde González, felt Ronaldo had been looking for punishment; replays suggested he may have found it. In the end it is academic and there can be no complaints.

Within two minutes of the second half, Messi has a prohibited purpose for offside. He, Pedro and Villa have made a mess of an extraordinary opportunity. Four minutes later, Messi slipped a delivery slanted through to Xavi. Unfortunately for Barcelona is not the only thing askew, like Xavi Casillas stepped round he could only hit the side netting.

Barcelona will not be denied. Messi did a lot of the same things three minutes later and Villa made a mistake. pass was perfectly weighted and Villa, sneak behind Pepe, hitting seventh goal this season. In an instant, it is eight. Again Messi gave the ball intelligently. Once again, Villa slipped free. This time he stabbed the ball home leg.

There are still more than half an hour remaining. For Madrid and Mourinho is eternity. Barcelona almost did not let them see the ball, still less to touch it. Barcelona adds fifth in extra-time when Jeffren spend Bojan Krkic cross to complete a miserable night for Mourinho's team. Jeffren been on the field just three minutes. In the second half, Madrid had just been in at all.

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