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UEFA punished Mourinho

Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho were fined and a ban on the sidelines two Champions League matches by the Football Europe, UEFA.

However, the penalty is a ban on the sidelines for the second game is on probation for three years.

Together with two other Real Madrid players, Xabi Alonso and Sergio Ramos, Mourinho was found guilty of not commendable actions in relation to the red card given to two players in the game against Ajax.

Mourinho, who denies the charge-subject to a fine of 33,500 pounds as it looks ordered Alonso and Ramos to try to get a second yellow card in the match which ended with victory Real Madrid's 4-0.

Real Madrid expressed "surprise" for UEFA to investigate allegations that Alonso and Ramos deliberately wanted to get the red card.

Both were then subjected to a red card for wasting time, and this means they are forbidden to fall in the group G match against Auxerre, which does not change the situation of Real Madrid, but both could start the last 16 of the Champions League knockout apply, with the net status of the card.

Alonso and Ramos fined 16,700 pounds by UEFA, while goalkeeper Iker Casillas and reserve goalkeeper Jerzy Dudek was also fined after television cameras caught sending a message from the sidelines.

Jose Mourinho will be prohibited on the sidelines in the second game when he re-acted improperly in a period of three years.

Real Madrid can appeal against UEFA's decision within three days.

When Mourinho still lead Chelsea, UEFA ban was wearing on the sidelines in the two games in 2005 when he accused Barcelona coach Frank Rijkaard meeting referee Anders Frisk of Sweden when it comes down to drink.


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