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Justin Bieber Cancel the action stage because there Dying German Men

A German man dying after an accident in action in a game show on television. The accident occurred minutes before the young singer Justin Bieber appeared.

German man named Samuel Koch dying. Male 23 years was an accident when he take action to skip the car is running, with a special shoe on the show 'Wetten Dass? " Accidents occur because of worn shoes with spring Koch damaged.

Reported by Reuters on Monday (12/06/2010), while bypassing the car being pulled, Koch fell with his face touching the floor. Presenter of the show was immediately panicked and called the paramedics.

The event was broadcast live in Germany was watched by 10 million people. Viewers who look directly at the studio is also quite a lot.

The event was broadcast immediately cease once known Koch injured. Justin Bieber which should appear after Koch successfully perform an action, to cancel his appearance.

"My prayer for Samuel Koch and his family. May he recover quickly and well," Bieber wrote in his Twitter account.

Koch, who suffered back injuries and broken bones directly operated on Sunday (12/05/2010). But his condition has not stabilized.

"He's in very critical condition," said dr. Wolfgang Raab, a doctor who treated Koch at the University Hospital, Duesseldorf.

'Wetten Dass? " game show on television is very attractive. The event was broadcast live 6-7 times a year from different cities in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In the summer, the show also aired six times that of the open space in some cities.

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