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Google Chrome OS Reportedly Released This Week

The arrival of the operating system (OS) Chrome warm again discussed. Although the CEO of Google CEO Eric Schmidt has confirmed new Chrome will be available early 2011, the latest news surfaced, fueling speculation that the Google OS will be launched officially this weekend.

Quoted from PC World, on Monday (06/12/2010) Google is rumored to be menghelat an event on Tuesday next week in San Francisco. Due to the event invitation on behalf of the Google Chrome team, then the rumors about the launch of OS Chrome was instantly filled.

Mentioned in the invitation, the event will take place at 10 am San Francisco time right on December 7, 2010. However, Google's representative questioned, declined comment.

Before officially appearance, Chrome OS mentioned will have the features compared to other OSes, one good enough to be able to boot quickly to the browser Chrome.

Google executives previously have said that they are trying to encourage the user enters a website, where they can interact with all of Google's services and web applications.

"When the OS Chrome present in the market later on, all activities will be stored in the cloud (cloud)," he once said Sundar Pichai as Vice President of Product Management Google last year.

This is according Pichai Chrome is one of the advantages that make all user data more secure. "For example, if you lose your netbook which uses Chrome and memberli else is new, all the information you'll be back as soon as you log into the new netbook," he said promote.


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