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Football and Social Revolution

Euphoria people of Indonesia and Malaysia who support his favorite team to win the final battle trophies Suzuki AAF is very pronounced. Not only pure sport, in the history of the world, soccer also encourage the emergence of a social revolution in different countries.

In recorded history, according to sociologist UI, Musni Umar, Che Guevara, once said that football is not just a simple game. Football is the weapon of the revolution. That's why the world community, in the name of "football" do anything, because he could become a tool for revolution, an arena for pumping sense of nationalism.

German society as an example, the mentally devastated by World War II, finally able to find the back of him after the country won the world championship when they beat Hungary 3-2 in Switzerland in 1954.

United States who received international criticism due to the Gulf war, again received an international trust after holding the 1994 World Cup. "Similarly, other countries in the world compete to host the World Cup, and prepare yourself seriously as a host to be champions," said Musni.

It is also common with Indonesia and Malaysia.

"I happened to be in Malaysia, when the beloved football team they won the battle against Vietnam. All walks of Malaysia supported the officials and the media hail victory, because it ensures itself advanced to final action,"said Musni.

Although his team defeated 1-5 when play against Indonesia, but the majority of Malaysian society that likes football, convinced his team that will play at home to Bukit Jalil stadium will win. The same thing is felt the people of Indonesia who won all the matches from the preliminary round until the semi-final.

"The win, the more encouraging lovers of football in Indonesia wanted to watch his favorite team win that for years never a champion," added Musni.

However, the euphoria of both nations should uphold sportsmanship to maintain friendship and brotherhood. First, people in both countries, especially the audience had to control emotions. Common sense must always take precedence. Second, the symbols of the state of Indonesia and Malaysia should be respected. It should not be demeaning let alone one menghinakannya.

Third, who led the match referee should be objective, honest and fair. Fourth, the proponents should not provoke the other party, because it can cause emotional backlash that memancingkan. "Fifth, the fans must realize that in a final match, there must be winners and losers. The loser must legowo (can receive), and that win should not just because, much less arrogant and forget ourselves," lid Musni.

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