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FIFPro: Allows the 2022 World Cup in January

The proposal for the 2022 World Cup was held in January again sounded. Having previously dicuatkan by Franz Beckenbauer, now professional footballers association (FIFPro), which had similar thoughts.

Qatar is the air temperature that makes Beckenbauer some time ago proposed that the 2022 World Cup and was held out of practice earlier in the year. The main considerations German soccer legend who is also a member of FIFA's executive committee is the temperature that can reach 40 degrees Celsius over the summer period.

Shifting the time of the World Cup is not just a problem out of the habit. Because it will be associated with the wheels of competition in Continental Europe, which in the period January-Februrai still in the competitive season.

But the proposal was now to support the professional footballers association. FIFPro mention if the air temperature is as high as it will endanger the health of players, considering that tourists are not advised to go to Qatar during the summer.

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