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5 Most Attractive in 2010 Smartphone

Sweet growing smartphone market. Competition even fiercer as new players emerge in this domain. Of the many smartphones are present throughout 2010, some of them successfully lure consumers. Here are five smartphones that stole the attention in 2010.

1. iPhone 4
Exposed to odor issues apparently did not make the faded charm of the iPhone 4. From start to issue antenagate and sensory function is too sensitive it could make the road less smooth this smartphone.

But anyway, later proven more successful if the iPhone 4 catapulted Apple name. Only three days since its launch only, the iPhone 4 has sold 1.7 million units. Apple CEO Steve Jobs when it is proud to mention the iPhone 4 is the most successful product in Apple's history.

2. Samsung Star

As the name implies, Star is a star in the history of Samsung's mobile phone sales. Pionsel dibesut South Korean vendors that had been released since May 2009, but sales have consistently continued to increase until 2010.

S5230, the code name of this phone, able to record sales of 10 million units within a period of six months since its launch. Following that sold 20 million units sold after less than one year. Then, last week Samsung has just announced that his pride handsets sold 30 million units.
3. Nexus

The presence of handsets made by Google it's time to steal the attention of consumer gadgets. But unfortunately, the way Nexus failed record of sales success. A month strolled in the market, this phone could only sold 80 thousand units.

Melempemnya Nexus sales expected because of the way its sales are less compelling consumer. As a result, in July 2010, the search engine giant was eventually stop selling to the online version of Nexus.

However, to be noted is, Nexus became the first smartphone that demonstrate the power of Android. Young platform developed by Google is now competing with Apple's iPhone. In 2010, Android also gain a large market share. No doubt, in the years ahead Android mobile platform is very likely become a favorite. Yes, despite sluggish sales, Nexus still be calculated for this contribution.

4. Samsung Galaxy S

Apart from Samsung Star, Galaxy S is also a prima donna in the ranks of Samsung mobile phone which was released in 2010. Android-based smartphone is soon penetrated the total sales of 10 million units globally.

Last week, Samsung announced more than 9 million units have been sold at S Galaxy this month and a little more touch the number 10 million. In his own country, in South Korea, the popularity of the Galaxy S could overthrew the iPhone. Two million units of S Galaxy sells over there, beat the iPhone is the 'new' reached 1.8 million.

Galaxy S menobatkannya his best-selling sales into Android smartphones popular. In fact, this handset is touted overshadow the popularity of Apple's iPhone 4.

5. BlackBerry Torch

Research In Motion (RIM) provides Torch as a refinement of previous BlackBerry series. Especially from the side of the touch screen. Understand it, RIM's previously practically a failure when the release of Storm, which is also wrapped SurePress touch screen.

My curiosity was presented to rise when RIM released the Torch but without losing the style typical BlackBerry, with its qwerty keyboard. This is then enhanced by the presence of the BlackBerry OS 6 as a weapon inside the Torch.

No doubt, when the presence debut last August, 'the torch' mentioned would shake up the power of the iPhone and other Android phones that increasingly crowded market.

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