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Unique Behind the Google logo at the end of 2010

Remember the unique logo of Google (Google Doodle) posted a few days ago? Although the logo is hard to understand, it takes five artists with long work for six months.

Chief Google Doodler its title was like-this-Michael Lopez said to the Wall Street Journal behind the making of these unique logo.

When some of us think about the theme of Christmas, a Lopez-led team is trying to create with unique Doodle that will be displayed on the Google home page for two days starting December 23, 2010 last.

As quoted from Neowin, Monday (27/12/2010), Lopez was then collected four other fellow artists who have already started project of six months since then.

The result can be seen on 23 December. At first glance it is confusing boxes, did not even seem to form the letters 'Google'. If judging is in, the pictures actually depict a portrait of a place on vacation from around the world. Please viewed again.

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