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unique names on the world

1. The Longest Name

Autumn Sullivan Corbett Fitzsimmons Jeffries Hart Burns Johnson Willard Dempsey Tunney Schmeling Sharkey Carnera Baer Braddock Louis Charles Walcott Marciano Patterson Johansson Liston Clay Frazier Foreman Brown.

Is the name of a child in England. His name is composed of 27 words above were taken from 25 names from all over the world's top boxers and 2 the rest are first name and surname.
(Perhaps the wish that the boy's father will really be a boxer ... hehehe ...): D

2. Longest Village Name


It is a village on the island of Anglesey in Wales, United Kingdom. The village is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the place with the longest village name in Britain.
(Pity really want to find a village if it yaaa ... hehehe ...): D

3. Hill Longest Name


Is the name of a hill in Porangahau, south of Waipukurau in southern Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. The name is usually abbreviated so Taumata.
(Wahhh really easy klo hafalin yaaa short name rather than the original reply ... hehehe ...): D

4. Longest Place Name

Krungthepmahanakonbowornratanakosinmahintarayudyayamahadiloponoparatanarajt haniburiromudomrajniweshasatarnamornpimarnavatarsatitsakattiyavisanukamphrasit.

Is the name of a place in Thailand.
(Waahhh klo want nyari this place certainly very complicated bwt hafalinnya ... hehehe ...): D

5. Domain Names and Longest City Name
Is a site to promote a town in Anglesey, Gwynedd, UK. The name of his city was the same as the name of the site.

(Well if want to campaign throughout the city but with a name that yaaa ... it's okay hell): D

6. Name E-Mail Longest

A very long name for an email address, klo liat aja want checked in ...
(Oh why, but long-bener yaaa bwt E-mail ... hehehe ...): D

7. Longest Album Name

he Who Dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High Shall Abide Under the Shadow of the Almighty.

Is the name of an album released by former singer Sin ad O'Connor
(Do-do it was the same as the lyrics of her ... hehehe ...): D

8. Longest Association Name (in Indonesia)

IKNNYPNITDI <==> Ikatan Komikus Nggak Nyambung Yang Punya Nama Ikatan Terpanjang Di Indonesia

Is one of the names on the Indonesian community ties.
(Creative also named, although a bit too much hell ... hehehe ...): D

Hehehe ... really unique names above ...!

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