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Swiss Create First Mechanical Clock Based on the Islamic Calendar

Mechanical Clock Based on the Islamic Calendar

A Swiss company, Parmigiani Fleurier, creating the world's first mechanical clock based on the Islamic calendar, which traces the rotation of the moon. Luxury watchmaker company that has developed a mechanical clock for 20 years and dedicate the homemade to the Muslim community.

Prototypes of these hours in Abu Dhabi was inaugurated last week by company executives together with the Director General of Tourism and Antiquities of the National Council of Tourism UAE, Mohammed Khamis bin Hareb Al-Muhairy. President of the company as well as expert watchmaker Michel Parmigiani, said the Arab peninsula is a great place to introduce it at homemade. Because the clock was menjad part of Islamic civilization.

Hijri calendar is shorter than in AD. The clock is equipped with a mechanical calendar Hegirian for 30 years continuously. While pointing hours and minutes are also equipped with a precision phase of the moon. Hours are scheduled to be launched globally in January 2011 in Geneva and delivery hours to the new buyer will be a month later.

The following specifications of these hours. Hours Hijri it weighs 17 pounds, the body clock is made of silver and decorated quartz and ruby. Bookmarks digit hours, minutes and date written in Arabic. Hours precious luxury estimated 2.6 million U.S. dollars. ''We will only produce a few units each year,''says CEO Parmigiani, Jean-Marc Jacot.

Parmigiani not be indiscriminate selling this one product. Jacot said the company will selectively determine the buyer that could bring its luxury at it. ''Just having money is not good enough criteria,''he said. Buyers''need to have a taste of culture and art.''

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