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Do not Forget Mentawai and Wasior

Has two weeks over Mount Merapi spewed lava. Hot dust of the world's most active volcano that has claimed more than hundred people killed, destroyed property in the surrounding community, and made thousands of people are displaced. Special coverage by various media make the public attention devoted to the disaster that occurred in the border province of Yogyakarta and Central Java.

Direct broadcast several private television stations about the development of the eruption of Mount Merapi, complete with the suffering of local communities, as well as rescue teams rush-military, Red Cross, volunteers, and local communities make the Mount Merapi, a "prima donna". Not only that aid continues to flow, but state officials-executive, legislative, also goaded to take advantage of the moment.

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), Vice President Boediono-each with his wife, the ministers, members of the House of Representatives, came to give special attention. There is an entertaining refugees, reviewing the barracks and kitchen and laundry room toilet (MCK). Some even tried to rations for refugees. President Yudhoyono after returning to Jakarta finally decided to head back a few days in Yogyakarta for close to disaster.

Government's attention so extraordinary. Far compared to what is experienced by regional and community Wasior (West Papua) and Mentawai (Sumatra) which also is struggling to overcome various obstacles due to the disaster. Wasior just been hit by flash floods devastated and Mentawai earthquake and tsunami. Even based on the latest developments, there are many victims in Wasior and Mentawai currently experiencing food shortages, and lived in barracks with various deficiencies.

Is the difference due to concern that the government does not have a disaster response program? Could be the case. For example yes this time, when disaster comes insistent, governments such as confusion where to start, and which ones should receive priority. Finally, either because the incessant coverage, either because of the disaster areas not so far from the Mother City, Mount Merapi, the most attention.

Although in terms of disaster deaths of Mount Merapi was still under the death toll in the Mentawai, and despite the suffering of the victims did not semenderita in Mentawai and Wasior, catastrophic eruption of Mount Merapi given priority. Evidence, the President set a five special decision for the handling of Mount Merapi. In addition to establishing the Chairman of the emergency response command BNPB as Mount Merapi, also set the Coordinating Minister for ensuring the smooth and certainty of aid, purchase of livestock affairs of citizens who become victims, and deploying military for disaster relief.

The decision was worth the envy of the Mentawai and Wasior disaster victims. Why they do not have a disaster emergency command? Why do not they get a coordinator distribution of funds, why and why? Do not forget the Mentawai and Wasior. Government should not discriminate. All citizens should have equal treatment. Do not have a reason for the disaster areas and other hard to reach one easy visit.

The government should admit defeat faster than the Red Cross, volunteers, and the army (TNI), in the face of any disaster. Despite having the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) whose chairperson ministerial-level, government giddy. Even BNPB impressed extend bureaucracy. In the case of assistance to victims, the private sector more efficiently and faster, and able to establish cooperation with the TNI and PMI in the distribution. It seems the government still has much to learn. To borrow the motto of which is often spoken of former Vice President Jusuf Kalla (JK), in dealing with disasters is the sooner the better. In leading the Red Cross, JK prove it.

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