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Spencer Pratt-Heidi Montag Divorce and Sex Tapes: Something Smells Fishy Here

We may have underestimated Spencer Pratt.

It wasn't long ago that we saw him get negged from The Hills finale party and become more erratic in an attempt to stay relevant and decided he was done.

The world had moved on from his publicity stunts ... or so we thought.

As we've reported over the past couple of months, he and Heidi Montag are officially getting divorced. He's been served with divorce papers ... supposedly.

This weekend, though, marked a new chapter in Speidi's ongoing drama - Spencer is threatening to release a Heidi Montag sex tape, along with other tapes of Heidi doing Karissa and Kristina Shannon, unless she films a new reality show with him.

Spencer Pratt-Heidi Montag Divorce and Sex Tapes: Something Smells Fishy Here

Speidi just before they split this summer. [Photo:]

The gruesome twosome has allegedly been at each other's throats, which makes a new sighting of them together at a Costa Rican resort rather suspicious.

Frantically separating so they would not seem in cahoots, they were spotted together by paparazzi. What are they doing in the Central American nation?

Pratt claims he was in Costa Rica to turn over two of the couple's dogs - and blackmail her to tear up the divorce papers lest he sell their sex tapes for $5 million to Vivid Entertainment - but she wanted nothing to do with him.

The Costa Rica sighting (with video) on TMZ suggests otherwise.

Spencer says he gave Heidi an ultimatum, but is this all a stunt? Why was Heidi MIA for weeks? Why bone Spencer and partake in Shannon twins girl-on-girl on VIDEO if you don't want it to get out? Why go to Costa Rica to turn over dogs?

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