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In Memorial (by Jack)

but it looks like a candle flame as the torch
palm trees tower but not the full order
not authoritative but full of charisma
not "trendcenter" but full of phenomena
sometimes like a stone but it is always easy to melt ice
although I only know you on a daily basis
but it's not easy to format the memory for all of you
when the diaphragm opening the light of heaven shine brighter there to fill your eternal home
I did not always accompany
but I always try to appreciate all that you gave to me
not just me saying words, but here relaita ....
although simple but this is the meaning of meaning
looking at the last moment is a difficult heart landslide dam tuk me
only a string of prayer now that I can convey to you
thanks buddy ....
bye .....
though your soul has meniggalkanku selamnya, but your friend still be with you ...
I only wish ....
ENCOUNTERS WHEN WE AGAIN .....................
WHEN WE ARE TOGETHER AGAIN ....................

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