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Frequency Band

Previously, I apologize for perhaps presumptuous to publish this band profile. The first time I understand / know the band itself comes from my friend who has now passed away to others that do not Rahmatullah vocalist of the band is my friend's sister in law.
Even then I had a chance to chat with the vocalist (call: Mas Faisol) about the phenomenon and the formation of a band called the trip frequency. Apparently Pingin tu ngetop high need struggle and do not forget that always accompany prayer.
Frequency band has ever followed the event which was held by entitled GENPOCKER Ujungpangkah GENPOCKER and the Spirit of Independence, because if not one time events that coincide with independence day.
After meihat frequency band video clip from my friend, I began to know was the process of making a lagupun very difficult if it's not yet clear yo .....{ talented tho, heee.....)
No more talking, ni me introduce the profile of Frequency Band Myspace n all i can download the song (do not forget it coz existing RBT)

Frequency Band Profile 

Band of homage to the pop rock of this began to emerge dibelantika music of Indonesia on 09 January 1999 they released their first album: YOU FRIENDS (ski record) with the hit's singles until you understand who had some time hanging out in the music charts indo radio - radio as Java - Bali, This album sort of success for a newcomer band.

After a period - the fun, they are a lot of whipping a lot of internal problems the band who made two albums to the creative process was so long delayed. which in akirnya because encouragement from the various parties they successfully completed 10 songs for album number two: ABOUT PEACE AND LOVE with the hit single, WHEN YOU NEED's ME records under the flag plaza February 2006.
Because peliknya an internal problem between the personnel making the trip on their second album did not go as planned, on 3 August 2006, three of the five frequency-nine personnel resign was Augustine: guitar, Danil: drums and vocals ank

But that separation does not make two other personnel Aditama yogi: guitar and reza yusticia: bass broke .. they both try to continue to realize the vision and mission of the frequency at 9 and at the beginning of the year 2009 into two new personnel orphenoch: vocals & guitar, clouds drums (ex-tones) then the realization of a single: AFTER YOU'RE GONE as they were warming up four early release January 2010.

A new journey for them as Frequency 9 changed its name to eliminate the number 9 (frequency) will serve fresh pop music - their emotional outbursts, making music more pleasant frequency among the many bands - currently available .. term provides another option on the Indonesian music lovers ... amen

Download songs :Setelah Kau Pergi.mp3-Frequency Band {klik song tittle}
video clip : Setelah Kau Pergi.mp4 video file-Frequency Band
RBT also do not forget there is also:XL: 14300572 send to 1818Flexy: ring on 8116445 send to 1212

>>>> Goodluck Mas


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