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Promotion tips via facebook

Potable water diving. Like other friendships we have formed a friendship rope in the site which is now flourishing new Facebook. But how can we bring the market or with others? Following the advice of bids facebook:

  1. You must have an account at facebook 
  2. Add / invite friends, colleagues, family, etc. as much as possible (without limitation)
  3. If you have their own website, use the news feed facility. Because each of our news updates / new posts from the web will be displayed automatically to fb 
  4. Create a new page on fb then promoted to invite to many people
  5. Create a group which seems to make their own forum, with more and more members of the greater your promotion also viewed
  6. Always updated news and information
  7. Answer / replay every comment that comes to your
  8. Use polite language and not confusing
  9. Use the application that supports the campaign, ex: HTML, ads, etc.
  10. Each follow / join group in order to exchange experiences between, and do not forget to enter your campaign in to post a comment / wall. Need al was concerned for this one thing try not too excessive, because it could be considered SPAM
Do not forget after your campaign through facebook, to support the maximum results, make sure the product, the web, your blog directory is mainly there in the list and the Great List Directory Professional Directory

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