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Below is a free index internat CDMA phone, three operators (you are).
Note: Only one operator is entitled to an opinion.

  1. This advice is valid for a CDMA card (Flexi? ESIA O? O StarOne?). Do not assign for the first time you buy. Create a direct connection to the Internet. Use the default settings aja. Unable to connect if you be free. Often, DC (Disconnect). Good 10-30 minutes. Origin of good signal / DC is rarely complete. DC After many requests and release again.
  2. This feat applies to a card (CDMA Flexi, Esia, or? Or Staron?). Make sure that at least one 5rb impulses. After this connect to the Internet. The trick is, if you want to surf for a long time. Try not to remove because the later can not be deduced. Continue such benefits? 5rb you pay for the free and full access. My performance is off. rightly 5rb what you want?

  3. This card trick is a secret behind Proxy + Port CDMA Fren. Note: Each proxy is Port Yang Beda. Proxy Vietnam, for example, Port: 554 Settingannya way, are involved. Find free proxy port diinternet + googling for some time and then enter the settings of the web browser (Firefox). But I also have been included in the list of Proxy + Port worldwide. Try changing the proxy port + Benar2 to get free and easy. We live match with cards that we use

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