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5 Countries Favorites So People Indonesia Travel Destination

Travel abroad now have started to reach. Various travel companies offering cheap travel packages at a price which includes a hotel and round-trip fare.
Based on the sales of tour packages at Garuda Indonesia Travel Fair (GATF), which was held at the JCC Senayan from 11 November, there were five favorite tourist destination of Indonesian society that many invaded the package:
1. Korea.According to Yopie, KIA Cosultan Tour Travel, tour package to Korea is the most widely hunted in order to ski resorts, Seoul, Nami Island and Sorak Mountain. Although the price offered is different every travel company, the average cost of a tour package to Korea starting from U.S. $ 1,458.
"Many people of Indonesia to Korea again now that winter, they are targeted to the ski resort," said Yopie to detikFinance, Saturday (11/12/2011).

2. Thailand.Although still affected by flooding, a trip to the land of the white elephant was still diminat. One reason is that sangatr affordable price.
Division supervisor Harvest Hotel and Package Tour, Ifa, said many new attractions that make tenpat attracted tourists go to Thailand. One is a waxwork museum and Mansion 7 better known as the palace ghosts. Package trips to Bangkok-Pattaya is provided starting from U.S. $ 795.
"If the fear is still flooding into Thailand, yes, but because it is cheap there are many who are interested," said Ifa.
3. SingaporeUniversal Studios is still a major attraction in Singapore. In addition, a trip to Singapore does not require a long time, let alone the cost is quite affordable. Several tour packages are in it already includes a trip to Universal Studios starting from $ 420.
The exhibition also offered a new year package 4 days 3 nights including flight and hotel PP U.S. $ 999.
4. ChinaBamboo curtain country has not stopped sucking foreign tourists, including from Indonesia. Many of the exotic locations that can be visited by tourists during oelh there. China travel packages offered ranging from $ 1,800.
"For the first time to China usually select a destination Beijing, Shanghai and the Terracotta (in Lintong District, Xi'an)," said Nita from TX-Travel.
5. Hong KongThe main tourist attraction in Hong Kong is Disneyland and Macao gambling paradise. Almost all travel package tours to Hong Kong would offer both places. Costs to be issued to the former British colony that start at U.S. $ 1,014.

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