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Use No. 4, Fabregas Add GLAD

Cesc Fabregas finally breathe the air at Camp Nou in Barcelona retains suffered after eight years of poor through London.Selama medical samples to be entered into the public could not be separated from the smiling face of Fabregas. It was his dream for some years.

In Barcelona, ​​the former captain of the Gunners are back wearing a shirt numbered four years ago. To Cesc made his hometown at the club is more special now.

"Wearing the number four, is very special to me. I am happy to be able to use it," Fabregas said in a press conference on Monday quoted Ifooty (15/08/2011).

The numbers are already worn preseason Thiago Alcantara. So do not forget to thank the young players who are rising boat. "I am grateful to Thiago, I want to use it," said Fabregas.

Throughout the preseason, Fabregas has become a hot topic, because Barcelona and Arsenal struggled to reach an agreement. However, two weeks before the transfer window closed circuit, Arsenal Fabregas finally ready for takeoff.

No wonder fans Barca is quite a big welcome. They set up a couple of hours waiting guided sessions Introduction Masia players who are at the Nou Camp last season. "Thanks to everyone who came, bring extra energy and motivation to work hard, starting today," said Fabregas.

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