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Sixth Album from Suede,

Suede, Brett Anderson expressed his band will be back writing songs in preparation for the album a few more months.

Lazy singer who is now his fourth solo album promo titled 'Black Rainbow' an official release on 26 September, said he would rejoin Suede immediately after completing his album promo tour.

"After I finished my solo album promo, I'll write more songs for Suede albums," he said, as reported by NME, on Tuesday (16/08/2011).

British band previously indicated it will not be released debut album again, unless they actually entered the studio again. But Anderson believes with his band will continue as long as they maintain an interest in music.

"I think this issue continues to maintain our position as a musician. Can be up to the present stage in your career that you always affect the morale and create a buzz again Suede which is certainly interesting. Then make another album after this course will be very interesting, "he said.

Until now, Suede has five albums, their latest album titled 'A New Morning' release in 2002. At the end of 2003 they broke up, and decided reunian back in 2010.

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