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Mancini: Aguero, The New Romario

MANCHESTER - Manchester City Architect, Roberto Mancini was delighted with the emergence of new players, Sergio Aguero "only" Leonel. Scored two goals enough for Mancini and the fans applauded. Even Mancini menyandingkannya with Romario.

Yes, Romario, the Brazilian legend who played spectacularly in his time. Aguero is treated as Romario for his first appearance of the property.

"Sergio is a copy of Romario, the legend," said Romario, who disitat within Futbol, ​​Tuesday (16/08/2011).

Yes, the appearance of softness that seems to be right Mancini, Diego Maradona is the main point at Manchester City. But Mancini also believes his first yesterday was not his best. Aguero potentially be more than what he showed in his first game yesterday.

"The game today is a prefix first one is perfect. The victory was very important to start the season, and his goal Aguero also important for the continuation of his performance," added the former coach of Inter.

"I know Aguero, but I think it has up to 100%. It might be new and must continue to practice," he says.

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