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Sola Aoi (Sora Aoi) play a movie in Indonesia

Japanese star AV Sola Aoi admitted impressed with the natural beauty of Indonesia. Sola who is now 27-year-old was hoping to vacation in Bali and several other places in the country.

To detikhot, Sola better known by the name of Sora Aoi admitted that he had several times visited Indonesia. However, Sola here just to work.

"I really can puree pingin holiday to Bali. A few months ago I was there but to work," said movie stars 'Sister shampoo 2' it.

During their stay in the set, Sola also feel comfortable working with people of Indonesia. He said that Indonesian people are very friendly and caring.

"They really concern me, " he said.

Women born in Tokyo 11 November 1983 it was said they were proud to appear in the film Indonesia. In the movie which will release on 21 April next, the Sola collided acting with Ricky Harun.

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