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New Beyonce Single Leaked on Internet

Beyonce's new single leaked Fans who will soon release. Beyonce fans via twitter account, @ Beyoncelite they were open-aperture about his new album.

As reported by NME on Wednesday (02/13/2011) Beyonce's new single is titled 'Girl'. The pieces of her latest single video clip also has begun to spread across the Internet.

Latest video clips of women's full name Beyonce Giselle Knowles was taking place in the Mojave Desert, California. 'Girl' directed by Francis Lawrence, who previously had directed the video clip Buzzworthy 'Bad Romance' and Britney Spears 'Circus'.

Francis describes the newest video clips female dancers who wear 200 juxtaposed with two male dancers. This video clip talks about how the power of women in the eyes of men.

Beyonce will release her new album in June. In the same month, 4 September 1981-born singer will also perform at Glastonbury music festival.

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