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Facebook, Get rid of Underage Users

Mozelle Thompson, Chief Privacy Adviser up states, the social networking site to cancel the membership up to 20 thousand users per day. This step was taken to exclude those who are not eligible ie 13 years and above.

Figures for 13 years is a minimum age limit which allowed the system to register. However, the system is not perfect because there is no mechanism to detect whether children are registering with a fake age.

"There are many people who lie. Many are still under 13 years old yet sign up for Facebook, "said Thompson, as quoted by the Associated Press, March 24, 2011.

As an illustration, from the latest research, nearly half of all adolescents aged 12 years in the United States use social networking sites, and privacy issues, especially young users on Facebook later this into the spotlight.

Earlier this month, Al Franken, a member of parliament from the Democratic party in Minnesota, United States wrote a letter of protest to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's Chief Executive Officer. He asked siuts social networking overhauling its security settings.

"In the policy up now, 13 million users are under 18 years may share their personal information, such as adult users," Franken wrote.

Users of this young age, Franken said, is very vulnerable to criminals who use the Internet or in particular up and should they not share phone numbers and home addresses to anyone, "he said.

However, the number called Franken has not depict the actual number of Facebook users under 13 years old. As is known, the social networking sites and other sites that are popular among the children solve the problem in different ways.

For example, MySpace, also requires that users aged 13 years and over. But just as up, he had no mechanism for verifying the age of applicants. allow children under the age of 12 years to explore the site and gather information about these children before they are allowed to participate in the competition, for example.

Site Yahoo different again. He does not allow children under the age of 12 years to do the registration without the consent of their parents. But just like Disney, they only limit the information used to participate in competitions or other similar interactive features.

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