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4 How to Easily Prevent Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is the second largest number of cancers that affect women after cervical cancer in Indonesia. At least there are four easy ways to avoid cancer that attacks the womanhoodof this asset.

Patients with breast cancer each year has increased. Based ondata from International Agencies for Research on Cancer (IARC)in 2005, new cases in Indonesia, around 26 per 100,000 womenevery year, and mostly in a state of advanced stage.

Here are four easy ways to prevent breast cancer, as reported by Healthmad, Saturday (19/03/2011), namely:

1. Weight control
Fat cells produce estrogen, which can become 'fuel' to grow thecancer cells. So keep your weight remains proportional senagainot only a matter of aesthetics, but also for the health.

2. Exercise at least 30 minutes per day
Moving at least 30 minutes every day helps maintain weight, andboost the immune system. Do not forget to control the hormone levels stay balanced.

3. Nurse
Especially for women who have babies, try to provide a minimum of six months exclusive breastfeeding. This methodhelped reduce the risk of breast cancer to 60 percent.

4. Not drinking alcohol
If you love alcohol, limit yourself to reduce drinking alcohol, but it's better if it is not at all. Alcohol with other substances in the body can be damaging cells and trigger cancer.

According to reports the American Institute for CancerResearch, if women do four easy ways above, then the number of patients with breast cancer can be reduced by 40 percent.

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