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Prince William degree Bujang Party at Sea

UK wedding Prince William Arthur Philip Louis and Kate Middleton will be held on 29 April. Coming to the wedding, the eldest son Prince Charles was rumored to be held a bachelor party at sea.

Prince William will celebrate his last days as a bachelor boy along with about 20 friends nearby. He also invites his younger brother, Prince Harry was in the bachelor party.

One of the activities in their bachelor party is to play water sports. South coast of England became the location of the bachelor party will be held in private that.

"Water sports on the weekends is the perfect choice," the source said as quoted by UK newspaper The Sun, Thursday (02/24/2011).

After that, William (28) and Harry (26) would invite his friends BBQ. They also will visit pubs and restaurants in an estuary accessible only by boat.

Bachelor party is not expected to cost more than 2,500 pounds, or approximately USD 22 million. Wilam, Haryy and his friends would
staying in a house belonging to the state, close to the location of their party.

British royal security team suggested that William and Kate to not celebrate the feast of their respective servants outside the UK.

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