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Kitaro Ready to Hypnosis Jakarta at 7 April 2011

Musicians class Masanori Takahashi Japanese ballads or better known as Kitaro will hold a concert in Jakarta, April 7, 2011. Musician known as soul soothing musical arrangements that will be a concert at the Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC).

As usual in every appearance, Kitaro will act with the help of a number of musicians "like-minded" in the concert later. They will play in theatrical music, with percussion, violin, grand piano, and drums. As many as 8 musicians will generate a performance with the aura of aktraktif.

Men born February 4, 1953 is certain to bring the repertoire-his repertoire of hits, like 'Matsuri', 'Silk Road', 'Thinking of You', 'Sacret Journey of Ku-Kai' and many more. He also will play his hit from the soundtrack 'Impression of the West Lake' that never got nominated in the Grammy Awards are to-52.

The concert which is the second time for Kitaro in Jakarta was held by Velvet Productions in collaboration with the Community's ESQ Way 165. Tickets start from U.S. $ 500 thousand to a special package for Rp 4 million.

Kitaro is known as the musician who created the musical works that are always in touch with nature. Today Kitaro live in the United States with her son who also was named Kitaro. Actually, the name of Kitaro is just a nickname for Masanori. Kitaro himself is a Japanese cartoon character.

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