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Demos 'Day of Anger' in Iraq, 13 killed

Demo in Iraq lasted chaos. At least 13 people were killed anddozens others wounded in action in Iraq's anti-corruption theme.

As reported by on Friday (25/02/2011), tens of thousands of residents in some areas in Iraq to rally called 'Day ofAnger'.

In Mosul, two people were killed and 20 others wounded when Iraqisecurity forces opened fire on protesters who tried to break throughthe Governor's office in Mosul. The protesters damaged the buildingand set fire to the tools they need in it.

Furthermore, in the town of Hawijah, located in the west of Kirkuk,three demonstrators were killed and 12 others wounded when Iraqisecurity forces fired on protesters when the demonstrators threwstones at police and soldiers. According to Iraqi army captain,Mohammed al-Angood, the protesters also burned the previousgovernment buildings.

Demos also take place in Baghdad, Falluja, Ramadi and two citiesin the province of Salaheddin.

In the action, the demonstrators protesting the corruption and poorof basic services including health and education system in the country.

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