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Too Sexy, Video Clips Online Reproduction Julianne Hough

Country singer Julianne Hough disappointed that the boycott of her music video music channels across the U.S.. Video clips Hough considered too vulgar for teenagers.

The bosses behind the country music video network chose not to display the latest video clips Hough titled 'Is That So Wrong'. Even the video site YouTube is too excessive, so they also do not want to show it.

Hough is also a movie star 'Burlesque' said he did not know the problem. In fact, he quite enjoyed making her latest video clip.

"Apparently, I removed the clothes too much because I'm dancing in my bedroom (in the video). I kind of liked it,"he told the Globe.

A spokesman for CMT, one of the networks not to broadcast video Hough, said that the reason they are a matter of contract. However, not further described the content of the contract which prevents them from displaying video Hough.

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