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Solar Charger Rechargeable Battery MacBook

The heat of the sun might make the skin burn. But on the other hand, can provide energy for gadgets such as the MacBook.

Yes, with increasing concern for the utilization of alternative energy, more and more environmentally friendly products are popping up, one solar charger for MacBook Juicz named Apple.

Thus, MacBook users do not need to worry about running out the battery in place which is difficult to find electricity. Just let it absorb solar energy charger and recharge the MacBook battery.

In addition to a unique name, a charger that was developed by the company Quickertek is also interesting. Not like the charger in general, Apple Juicz tangible like mats, its size was quite large. Well, the entire surface of the mat is a solar panel that absorbs solar energy.

Charger is equipped with a connector that was developed for laptop MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, 12 volt charger and a third connector to include other products.

There are two versions of Apple Juicz, namely the capacity of 27 watts with a size of 41.5 x 30.5 inch priced at USD 700 and 55 watt capacity measuring 59 x 30.5 inches at USD 1,200. Apple Juicz can be used for the MacBook 11-inch to 17 inches.

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