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How to Avoid Herpes Disease

Many people do not realize that he had been infected with herpes since sometimes the herpes virus does not cause symptoms. What about herpes transmission and how to avoid it?

There are two types of herpes that can infect humans that is zooster herpes (shingles), which looks like chicken pox and genital herpes (herpes simplex).

Both diseases are caused by different viral infections. If zooster herpes is caused by the varicella zoster virus (VZV), genital herpes caused by Herpes HSV 2 (Herpes Simplex Virus 2). Both these diseases are different, but both are a contagious disease.

Transmission mode

1. Genital herpes (genital)
Transmission through direct skin contact, from infected areas into infected areas.

For example when someone who is infected with kissing or having sex such as oral, vaginal or anal, it can cause infected partner.

Herpes is most contagious type if the condition of a person is sick, usually characterized by itching, tingling and other sensations before anything appears on the skin.

2. Herpes zooster
This disease usually affects adults who have immune system is declining. This herpes virus is everywhere, but if someone has a good body immunity, it is rarely affected by this condition.

Varicella zoster virus is a virus that also causes chickenpox. If a person has been exposed to smallpox is rarely affected by herpes zooster.

Unlike smallpox, herpes zooster results in pain and tremendous pain. And the location of the disease occurs only in a few sides of the body only. Sometimes there are also attacking the eyes, face, neck, around ears and nose tip.

The first symptom is pain felt in one specific area. Followed by a rash that contain fluid characteristics similar to chicken pox. If scratched could cause infection.

How to avoid

There are several ways you can do to avoid genital herpes infection, as quoted from eHow, namely:

1. Using condoms for both male or female. A study showed that the herpes virus can not pass through latex condoms, if used properly. This practice is enough to reduce the risk of transmission.
2. To be honest with your partner if one has a sexual disease infection, this could help reduce transmission through sexual contacts.
3. Do not perform oral sex if the flu or are known to have HSV-1 in the mouth, because this could be spreading the virus to the genitals.
4. Faithful to one partner (monogamous) and do practice safe sex every time you have without any exception. Reduce friction and also prevents the emergence of small wounds in the vagina or penis which has the potential entry of viruses into the body.
5. Washing hands after touching the wound before touching another body part to avoid spreading the virus.

To avoid zooster herpes (shingles), there are several ways you can do, namely:

1. If you have not ever get the chicken pox at all, try to not having contact with people who are smallpox.
2. Conducting a vaccine to prevent varicella virus infected zooster. A person can not get herpes zooster if you've never get chickenpox, so one way is to protect themselves from smallpox by smallpox vaccine.
3. If you are experiencing herpes zooster, frequently wash their hands for this disease does not spread to other body parts.
4. As much as possible to avoid touching or contact with people who are sick herpes zooster, because touch is one of the media dissemination of the disease.
5. Keeping the immune system so as not to decrease, so the virus is difficult to infect the body.

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