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Harvest Awards, 'The Social Network' Re-Released

After the harvest of awards from various critics associate institutions, the movie 'The Social Network' to make a breakthrough to more public attention ahead of the event Oscars February 27, 2011. The producers Sony Pictures, on Wednesday (05/01/2011) announced it would re-releasing the film in the United States.

The work of director David Fincher on the social networking site Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg will be re-released at least at 600 theaters starting Friday (01/07/2011). In addition, the best film Golden Globe nominations will also be released on DVD on January 11.

Circulation of returning a movie before its DVD release is not a matter of course. But, 'The Social Network' dare to do after winning awards at various events. Hopefully, the movie starring Jesse Eisenberg, Andrew Garfield and Justin Timberlake that would buy up Oscar nominations are announced January 25.

'The Social Network' has managed to take the hearts of movie fans around the world, "said Sony Pictures Vice Chair Jeff Blake's confidence." In the list box office this film also shows his strength, "he added.

Indeed, in addition to reap praise from the critics, 'The Social Network' is also a commercial success. One of the toughest competitors is the movie 'True Grit' by the Coen Brothers are also much in demand once championed.

'The Social Network' has won 4 awards from the National Board of Review, each one for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and Best Actor for Jesse Eisenberg. In addition, the awards for Best Picture also been given by at least 24 associations of criticism in the United States and Canada. Not only that, various print media also bestowed title of Best Film of 2010.

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