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Firefox beat IE in the Blue Continent

Firefox managed to subvert the dominance of Internet Explorer (IE) in Europe. Mozilla's browser has replaced the IE as a web browser of the most widely used there.

In December, Firefox successfully occupy the portion of 38.1 percent in the browser market share on the continent of blue, slightly exceeding the market share of IE which decreased to 37.5 percent. in the Blue Continent.

This is the first time Microsoft was eliminated from the top.

Exciting news also came from Chrome. Google's browser market share in Europe rose sharply from the previous 5.1 percent to 14.6 percent now.

"This is the first time IE undefeated in the main area of his control. Looks like IE lost market share due to the rapid growth of Chrome. Chrome steal market IE, while Firefox growth is actually not changed much from before," said Aodhan Cullen, StatCounter analyst.

Cullen added that this situation is also part of the impact of the European Commission's agreement with Microsoft is asking the software giant in Europe allows consumers to choose who you want to use.

As is known, since March last year Microsoft has approved this policy, namely to give consumers a choice in browsers that use Windows.

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