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Woman with Two Vaginas

Normally women have only one inside her vagina. But a woman in Singapore to make the examining doctor was surprised because he has two vagina. One outside the vagina, another in hiding so as not to get caught.

Dr Chee Jing Jye, medical director of obstetrics and gynecology at the center of Paragon Medical said the new practice for 13 years this time he found a woman with two vagina.

The discovery came after the young woman was doing physical examination and 3D ultrasound to determine abnormalities in the womb. Based on this examination is known that the woman had two vaginal and two cervix (cervical), but her uterus was fine and the only one.

"This condition is generally not life threatening and do not have a major impact on his life. Although he was asked whether she is normal or not," said Dr Chee, as quoted from, Monday (06/12/2010).

It has a double vagina (two vaginal) is one abnormality of müllerian tubes (tubes that will be developed to form fallopian tubes, uterus and upper vagina). This disorder can occur during embryo development.

In addition to causing a person to have two vagina, müllerian tube defects can also cause a person has no uterus, no cervix, uterus or only half do not have a vagina.

Dr Chee said that usually a person who has the disorder on the tube mulleriannya higher risk of miscarriage and a weak cervix. Therefore pregnancy should be closely monitored to prevent possible complications.

Julinda Dr. Lee, an obstetrician and gynecologist from Pacific Healthcare Specialist Centre explaining difficult for someone to find these abnormalities. Usually the new note when the patients do the treatment for fertility problems or recurrent miscarriage.

This disorder usually causes a person difficulty in sexual intercourse, difficulty to get pregnant and most have given birth by caesarean section. But there are some surgery that can be done to fix the problem.

"In addition to explaining the condition and possible treatment, doctors also should reassure patients that most can still lead a normal life and will not be revealed to their children someday," said Dr Tan Heng Hao, consultan from the Department of Reproductive Medicine at KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

Earlier in the year 2009 a woman in the UK also makes the examining doctor was surprised because he has two vagina. His case is the same one outside the vagina that the other is not visible because it is situated inside.

Woman named Lauren Williams (29 years) announced on The Tyra Show in November 2009 that he had been born with two vagina.

The young woman was also known to have two and two uterine cervix. This condition is of course somewhat strange and sometimes do not realize that it is difficult to determine how many women who have two vagina.

Initially she was menstruating for 21 days, he suspected something was wrong with her body and tried to find out the cause. After experiencing a lot of confusion and misdiagnosis, it is known that he had two vaginal, two uterus and cervix are also two (cervical). This rare abnormality called the "bicornuate uterus'.

Lauren was surprised to learn his condition, because he never heard or seen it before. Lauren finally had surgery to remove the barrier between the vagina, so she has a vagina that may be larger than normal.

Roger Harms, PhD, a consultant obstetrics and gynecology at the Mayo Clinic said a few women typically have only a double uterus, but not involving the cervix and double vagina.

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