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Velvet Revolver New Vocalist Already Discover

Scott Weiland left Velvet Revolver have postponed making their journey. But now the band Slash cs was reportedly already found a new vocalist Scott's replacement.

Last week via his Twitter Slash claimed to have been open auditions for a replacement candidate Scott. Now that person is found.

Reported by NME, on Tuesday (21/12/2010) drummer Matt Sorum justify it. Velvet Revolver has found the perfect vocalist. According to the new vocalist can make many positive changes to the band that was founded since 2002.

Unfortunately Matt did not want to dismantle these new colleagues. Currently, Velvet Revolver and the new vocalist is still doing approach to unify the vision of one another.

"We can not make such an announcement first because we're 'dating'. We do not make the connection, we do not sit together as a grown man and made a pact together," said Matt.

Velver Revolver vacuum since 2008, when Scott decided to return with lawasnya band, Stone Temple Pilots. Velvet Revolver know full well that the fans have tired of waiting for the continuation of the band.

"We were too tired to it, believe me. But you do not have the ability to jump with a singer who carelessly. We can not do that,"explained Matt.

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