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Lionel Messi Profile

Lionel Messi Profile - Barcelona origin of this tiny player into the world's best player by FIFA 2010, despite failing to shine in the Argentina World Cup 2010 will be but a figure messi is a very influential will the success of Barcelona in 2009 and which earned honorable in various arena, ready to know if messi is the son of a factory worker in his hometown.

The following are the profiles and life stories of small messi Lionel Messi was born on June 24, 1987 in Rosario, Argentina. His father Jorge Messi was a factory worker, and her mother Celia, working as part-time cleaning service. But who would have thought, Messi is now able to conquer the world. He took Barcelona Club World Cup champion in 2009 and then elected as World Player 2009.

Messi was born from a simple family. Therefore, when diagnosed with growth hormone deficiency in the age of 11, his parents did not have enough charge for treatment. Club shelter at the time - River Plate - also raised their hands. Understandably, the therapy that will cost 900 million U.S. dollars or equivalent to Rp 8.5 million per month. Then came that no other Carles Rexach Barcelona sporting director as god savior. He offers treatment, but instead are willing to do trials with Messi Barca in Spain.

This is the best negotiation Messi in his life. In addition to their hormone therapy, also honed his talents with Barca. On 16 November 2003 right at the age of 16 years 145 days, Messi has been included in Barcelona's senior team. Slowly but surely, Messi became the team spirit make it Catalunya. For nearly 10 years with Barca, Messi is contributing two Champions League titles, three La Liga titles, the European Super Cup and Club World Cup. He scored 122 goals.

In the national team level, he was always so reliable. Massey contributed to his U-20 World Cup and 2008 Beijing Olympics. Unfortunately, during the 2010 World Cup qualifiers, Messi failed to perform optimally with Tim Tango. However, Messi proved to have mental much larger than her tiny body. Argentina finally escaped to South Africa. Although it has been undergoing hormone therapy, posture Messi is still tiny. Only 169 cm tall.

But Messi could prove the talent and quality. "Football is a sport that emphasizes the ability, not the physical size," says Lionel Messi.
With his success with Barca and won many individual titles, the name of the more famous Messi. Under the laws of economics, with a brand that more and more looming, even the higher resale value.

Not surprisingly, the old Messi including poor families are now wallowing in wealth. In season, this incarnation of Diego Maradona received 9.5 million euro salary, or approximately USD 135.9 billion, from Barcelona. This does not include bonuses victory, revenue from advertising, and more.

But he remains a simple. He did not want to live spree, spending money in places of entertainment or casinos like the nouveau riche, mostly. Messi did not forget the "origins"as a young factory worker spite of his success to conquer the world.

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