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Lady Gaga Shopping in Paris Without Pants

Singer Lady Gaga still be in Paris to undergo a series of concerts. Enjoying his spare time, Lady seen shopping in a public place without pants.

At least do not wear pants lady deserve worn everyday. Although only out for a while, the singer hits the 'Telephone' that dress up the total.

Lady wearing a yellow leotard with a black leather jacket and black net stockings and high heels black boots. He also covered her face with dark glasses and let their hair loose. Of course with the thighs and buttocks fashion Lady can be enjoyed many eyes of the beholder.

Lady seen leaving the hotel the Place Vendome in Paris on Tuesday (12/21/2010) afternoon, accompanied by an assistant and several bodyguards. He visited a boutique Bruce Fields.

"Lady Gaga came at 5:15 in the afternoon and she bought some stuff," said boutique employee told People on Wednesday (22/12/2010).

Lady chose some clothes, tried it and went straight to the cashier. According to the official Lady bought pants and a lot of average scraf purple.

"He only stopped for 20 minutes and when she went there about 30 photographers swarming and so many fans outside. It's a very unusual afternoon," said the official.

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