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Indonesia Block Pornography, U.S.A. Losing Lots of Money

Pornography is a big industry in the world. Even if the income of all content throughout the world gathered it was just a third of the income-esek esek such content. Most of the pornography industry in America.

"If the revenue collected from all the content is not there a third of the income of pornography," said Minister of Communications and Information Tifatul Sembiring when talking with ITGazine, Monday (29/11/2010), at the Hotel Savoy Homman, Bandung.

Revenue pornographic content every year, continued the minister, can reach hundreds of billions of dollars. Even Tifatul said there was one of the pornographic content in the U.S. that is able to reap U.S. $ 3600 per second.

"The industry is very large. Income from earnings beat everything here," he said.

To some extent, Indonesia also has a connection with this case. Because, with diblokirnya pornography in the country, then America is believed to Tifatul would lose substantial revenue. The reason, almost 60 percent of the pornography industry in America.

"The biggest is the American. About 60 percent of the pornography industry in America. It can be calculated how much income Americans are reduced because we block porn content here," he said.

However, not only because it was blocking porn sites. According to the minister, the blocking of pornographic content since the mandate of the law.

"Block porn sites rather than my personal desire, but trust laws. In the Law number 36 of 1999 said that telecommunications operators are prohibited from providing content that is contrary to the immoral. Or Act of 2008 on the ITE. In Article 27 paragraph 1 may not distribute the pornographic content in the community," he explained.

"Coupled with Act 44 of 2008 concerning pornography. In chapter 17, said the government and the government must prevent the spread of pornography in society. So it's not the prayer, zakat and fasting are obligatory, but is also mandatory in the Act," he insisted.

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