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Hotsport : Unyil vs Upin Ipin

Unyil vs Upin Ipin

Lively final match between Indonesia vs Malaysia was echoed in the two countries. this is obvious because these countries want to compete to win AFF Cup 2010 as its own prestige and pride of a nation.

The battle between the two countries not only be on the gridiron. but also often occurs in the cyber world intensively. Malaysia is considered often claim owned Indonesian culture, such as batik, reog, puppets, angklung, soup, etc. to be one trigger of the fight in the cyber world.

what's wrong with "Unyil and Upin Ipin"?

two popular cartoons in Indonesia (Unyil) and Malaysia (Upin Ipin) This is a picture that will serve as a match full of prestige between the two countries.

Unyil vs. Upin Ipin, who will be the winner?
Watch the AFF Cup Final match of 2010, the date:
* December 26, 2010>> Malaysia vs Indonesia (first game)
December 29, 2010>> Indonesia vs Malaysia (second game)

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