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Chelsea have a big chance for Kaka'

Ricardo Izzecson Kaka' Dos Santos Leite

The future of Real Madrid, Kaka in the middle of hanging. Inter Milan is ready to accommodate the Brazilian. But the Nerazzurri have to compete with Chelsea, who called more likely to get Kaka.

In this season, the name of Kaka marginalized due to injury. Coach Jose Mourinho claimed his back still waiting for the players numbered eight were in January.

Although it is questionable whether Kaka would get a prime spot in midfield El Real or not. Because the appearance of Mesut Oezil pretty solid.

Speech is "ready to wait" from Mourinho does not eliminate the rumors about the departure of Kaka from the Santiago Bernabeu.

Inter Milan so far touted as the teams who are interested in the player's full name Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite was.

But Inter's most likely going to be involved rivalry with Chelsea in the race for Kaka. This was revealed by veteran Italian agent Ernesto Bronzetti.

"Inter have a serious competitor named chelsea. If Kaka will go pad abulan June, the 90 percent he would join Chelsea, not Inter,"said Bronzetti quoted by the Daily Mail.

Bronzetti assess Inter can not meet the price demanded by Real Madrid.

"Kaka will not be joining Inter - I'm sure about that. Kaka worth 70 million euros and they (Madrid), Kaka will not release a price below 50 million euros," he said.

As confirmation that his words could be accounted for, Bronzetti claimed a personal understanding of the Madrid president Florentino Perez.

"I was the only person who understands Italian well-Florentino Perez. We had been friends for 10 years and a few days ago we talked to each other."

"Florentino little stubborn and about Kaka, he did not want to lose. The case is the same as when Maicon and Diego Milito are not going to join Real Madrid."

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