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AFF Cup : Riedl was worried about Gonzales & Okto Yellow Cards

Indonesia will play the same formation in the semifinals of both AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 against the Philippines. Cristian 'El Loco' Gonzalez and Oktovianus Maniani who has pocketed the yellow cards do not worry.

Gonzales and Okto get yellow cards in the first semi-final match against the Philippines on Thursday (16/12/2010) night. Both were rewarded a yellow card for a foul hard on opposing players.

By 'saving' one yellow card, both are certain to miss the first final match in the semifinals if both Sunday (19/12/2010) tomorrow to another yellow card. The absence of both these players would be very detrimental to remember the significance of their role in the game the teams'Red and White '.

To avoid this, they may be stored in the second semi-final match, in the hope that Indonesia will continue to win and they will play in the final. But this assumption is directly denied by coach Alfred Riedl. He asserted will still wear the first team in leg 2.

"They will still be played. No time to rest," he said to reporters after team practice at ABC Senayan Square, Friday (17/12).

While related to strategy games, this Austrian coach Garuda will continue to ensure the team appear to attack. He refused to play to survive despite winning 1-0.

"No. We are not a defensive team. Either we play or we play open attacking," he concluded.

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