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AFF Cup: Bambang believes that Indonesia Can be Champion

0-3 defeat suffered by Indonesia from Malaysia in the final first AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 is felt suffocating. But all must be forgotten, in the future, there is a 90 minute determination.

Sunday (12/26/2010) so shameful day for teams of Indonesia for their work in the AFF Cup this year. Comes with a record of always winning, the team 'Garuda' faces made three goals without reply.

"The atmosphere in the changing room was 180 degrees different from the five games that we have passed before," wrote national team striker, Bambang Pamungkas, as quoted from his website.

"All the players look listless staring down the locker room floor is wet and dirty by the soil and grass field. Cheerfulness and shouts of victory was not heard again, a faint voice sounded just blowing a deep breath and decakan regret that out of the players who still looks half do not believe it, "he explained.

As team leader, though always a substitute player, Bambang spoke for his colleagues to raise morale.

"My colleagues, this defeat had to stop in this room. We do not require a longer discussion about what happens tonight, no blaming each other about what happens on the field earlier. We win together and we should also lose together, "he wrote.

The defeat was not a final verdict. There's still one more game that will be waged by courtier 'Red and White' in front of the public itself at the Bung Karno, Wednesday (12/29/2010).

Bambang hoped, support for 80 thousand spectators, and the result is always win in five games before being held in the SU GBK could make Indonesia a total play.

"And more than that, Are not we still have one more final match in Jakarta. Where are we going to play in front of approximately 80 thousand supporters Garuda very fanatical and militant," said Bambang.

"The place where we (in the last five games), always able to bring joy to the supporters 'Red-White' across the country. So it's not unreasonable, and less responsible for taste, if we now bowed sluggish and discouraged," he continued .

Bambang also pointed out the success stories of Liverpool winning the 2005 Champions League by beating AC Milan on penalties after 0-3 in 45 minutes behind the first.

For Bambang, the outcome of a game is often very difficult to predict. An example is Barcelona's 5-0 victory over his eternal rival, Real Madrid, with the score 5-0.

"Indonesia is very far from the picture of strength Liverpool and Barcelona. But I'm also pretty sure if Malaysia is not as strong and as tough as AC Milan or Real Madrid,"the Liverpool striker Jakarta.

"So the possibility for us (Indonesia) to be able to beat Malaysia to score a landslide in the Bung Karno, is also still very wide open,"said Bambang.

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