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Saudi Arabia's King was ill , Ahmadinejad's Get Well Wish

King of Saudi Arabia, Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz, was ill and would go went to the United States. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad also called King Abdullah and pray for him cempat heal.

In a telephone conversation as reported by Iranian news network, Press TV, on Monday (11/22/2010), Ahmadinejad and King Abdullah are both calling for the need to enhance bilateral relations and cooperation among the countries in the Middle East region.

According to Ahmadinejad, the close cooperation between regional countries could help efforts to improve security in the Middle East.

In the talks, King Abdullah thanked Ahmadinejad. Saudi king is also expected the government and the Iranian people will enjoy success and prosperity.

King Abdullah will go to the United States on Monday, November 22 local time to undergo treatment for his illness. 86-year-old King has frequently complained of back pain.

King Abdullah was rushed to hospital on Friday, November 19 local time after suffering blood clots that aggravate his back pain.

Media speculation about the deteriorating health of King Abdullah's growing increasingly blowing full force on Wednesday, November 17 last.

At that time, the king announced his resignation as leader of the National Guard and handed the country's influential position it to his son, Prince Mitab bin Abdullah (57). It is a sign that the King of Saudi Arabia began to reduce some of their duties. King Abdullah has become the leader of the National Guard since 1962.

The health condition of Crown Prince, Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, who served the Saudi defense minister, also not good. He was often in the past two years overseas in recent years due to undergo treatment for his illness. It is not clear what illness but circulating allegations that the prince was suffering from cancer.

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