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Ralph Fiennes, the actor Voldemort in HARRY POTTER

Ralph Fiennes, the actor Voldemort in HARRY POTTER, admitted that he 'suffered' because of the costumes and makeup to wear. Ralph is required to undergo the process of make-up for two and a half hours to turn it into a figure of Voldemort's terrible.

Ralph also stated that the process of make-up should be done every day and automatically he could not eat after material called prosthetics applied to her face.

Nose and dentures, also make up an uncomfortable this makes Ralph hunger every time filming. "Every day during the shoot, I had to spend two and a half hours to make up. This is the time terberatku. Besides prosthesics, my character should wear dentures. So when everyone was eating lunch, I can not. I have to take them off every time I want to eat, "said Ralph.

Schindler's List star has also had to wear tights that are often slipped! "I also had to wear suspenders because costume includes tights that are often slipped when I work. But I can still pee, costumes made specifically so that I could pull out my little friend," he added with a laugh. Thank God! Apparently not good as well yes so Voldemort?

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