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Vaginal Gel Blocks HIV is being Developed

Various experiments have been performed by scientists to create a vaginal cream that is able to fend off the HIV virus, but unfortunately it all ended in failure. Now the experts are in the middle of testing a drug used to treat HIV as a prevention drug, in ways embedded in vaginal gels and vaginal contraceptive ring shape.

The method is Similar to freshening breath method but is applied in the vagina. This drug is named microbicides, and will be mainly marketed in developing countries where men rarely use condoms.

For two decades, scientists have been struggling to create HIV-prevention drug that is strong enough. Early studies was tested on women in South Asia such using vaginal gel containing the AIDS drug tenofovir, but the new results will be known next July.

Antiretroviral drugs (ARVs) is a revolution in AIDS treatment so that a person with HIV can live longer. These drugs also reduce the risk of virus transmission from pregnant mothers to their babies. Therefore, experts assess if the drug is consumed every day, it can give the effect of prevention, in both men and women.

Dozens have also done research on vulnerable populations who are infected. Usually the drugs used are tenofovir because it has lower side effects than other antiretroviral drugs.

The problem is, taking medication every day can result in drug resistance, especially when someone forgot to take their medicine. This has sparked controversy.

Research on HIV prevention gel actually started in 1994. At first, scientists knew that the cells on the surface of the vagina is not the initial target of HIV because the virus quickly enters the cell layers.

Studies in monkeys showed a small population of compiler cells that produces signs several days before the virus is ready to spread. Drugs such as tenofovir inhibits HIV to multiply despite already infected in the body.

According to Dr Salim Abdool Karim of the Centre for AIDS Programme of Research in South Africa, the concentration of tenofovir in the vaginal tissue will be higher when administered with gel rather than pills.

Learning from the success of contraception, experts now develop tenofovir in other methods, which are easily soluble into the vaginal lining, so you will not see couples. In addition it also made the vaginal ring coated with tenofovir so it can survive long. It is available also for gay men, in the form of tenofovir for the rectum.

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