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Lipsticks Can be Harmful for Dental Health

Most modern women will use lipsticks on a regular basis and almost every day. But without realizing some lipsticks can be harmful for the health of their teeth.

According to GeniusBeauty, researchers from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil, found bad effects of lipstick on health. Researchers found some lipsticks which contains paraffin, which is one substance that can damage tooth enamel.

“Some beauty products do use paraffin in small amounts, but if the product is used regularly it can cause dental caries,” said research group leader, Antonio Habier.

Paraffin embedded on the tooth surface will make the small particles of food get stuck easily. This condition will create a good breeding place for the reproduction of infectious bacteria. So the use of lipstick on a regular basis can cause infections that create small cracks or cavities formed in the tooth enamel.

In this study, researchers conducted a test on 10 brands of lipsticks which is quite popular. Apparently it is found that some of these products can cause an increased risk of dental disease dental problems. and other

Habier Antonio said that if a lipstick is used on a daily or regular basis, then the problems that arise in the teeth will appear within 2-3 months. It is estimated that on average women who regularly use cream, mascara, lipsticks and other cosmetics products will receive up to two kilograms of dangerous chemicals.

To avoid negative impacts that may arise from the use of these cosmetics, dental specialists tooth enamel from paraffin and pathogen bacterias. from Brazil plans to create a special spray that will protect the

Besides that, experts also recommended that women gives more protection on the health of their teeth, as well as carefully considering the content of cosmetic ingredients used.

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