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7 Signs of Autistic Babies

Most of the symptoms of autism has been seen since the children aged under 3 years. In fact, some parents have already seen signs of autism when their baby aged 9 months. The following signs of autism can be recognized since the baby is one year old and above.

1. Does your child have a sense of interest in other children? (Yes / No)

2. Does your child ever uses her finger to show his interest in something? (Y / T)

3. Does your child look at your eyes more than one or two seconds? (Y / T)

4. Does your child imitate you? For example, if you make a certain expression, whether he emulate? (Y / T)

5. Does your child react when his/her name is called? (Y / T)

6. If you point at a toy, does your child look at the toy / object? (Y / T)

7. Does your child ever play such as pretending to feed a doll, talking on the phone, and so forth? (Y / T)

A child has a chance of having autism, if at least two of the above questions is answered No. Consult the matter to a specialist to get the right diagnosis.

Source: The Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers

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