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Coming to Germany vs Spain : Fabregas Still Can Show

Cesc Fabregas Hope to be able to continue playing in the World Cup come true. Despite the injury during practice, the Spanish midfielder is still able to play in semifinal matches.
Fabregas suffered the injury while training with Team Matador on Monday (07/05/2010) local time. As a result, the players had played in doubt for the match against Germany on Thursday (8 / 7).
Luck seems to still be with Fabregas. After conducting the examination, did not reveal any fractures, so most likely the Arsenal players could still appear.
"From the test results did not reveal any injury to the foot bone, so the players can still play against Germany," the statement from the Spanish Football Federation is quoted by the Associated Press.
"He can play in the match tomorrow."
Fabregas himself look was back practicing on Tuesday (6 / 7). Although the use of hearing aids, Fabregas showed no discomfort during training.
This news of course is highly expected by Fabregas. The reason this 23-year-old player a new total of 93 minutes of competing in the World Cup in La Furia Roja three games. That, too, as a substitute.
"All I wanted was to play football. This is the grandest in the world semi-finals and I just want to play. I just want to enjoy the game and look good for the team," Fabregas straightforward.
Fabregas has a chance to be a starter in the game related to Vicente del Bosque has the option to membangkucadangkan Fernando Torres are less productive. Had he not entered in the line-up, David Silva could be an alternative.

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